Super huge Lalaloopsy post of the utter random

I have a few drafts in the works… one on my local in-store selection and tips on where to find Lalaloopsy dolls in Wilmington, North Carolina. Another is about my newest pet peeve ‘Lala Hoggs.’ But first I wanted to just kind of UNLOAD all of my latest Lala ideas because the kids and I are really excited about our family of Lalas, especially now that the boys finally have some too! Yep, the kids got their Valentine’s a bit early (mainly because the bags at WalMart SUCK and Dana’s doll fell out of the bag- thus him seeing it when I loaded up the van *sigh*) Noah and Ella have Sir Battlescarred and Lady Stillwaiting, Dana has his ‘little me’ twin Patch Treasurechest, and Alma wanted Prairie Dusty Trails. Fun photos are impending, the weather is so gloomy lately and I like a little more sun for optimal pictures. See, I have big plans with these dolls…

First, the girls have been due for a room makeover for awhile. Nobody can seem to keep from drawing on one of her walls so I am going to paint it and a smaller wall adjacent (for accent) in bright purple chalkboard paint. The rest of her walls and trim will remain white and I need to look for sturdy drapes to go on their new curtain rod. The final touch will be painting the back walls of their wall shelf in rainbow colors top pink, second yellow, third green, fourth aqua. I’ll post progress pictures as I go! I am planning on getting all the Lalaloopsy posters laminated. We have 11 altogether now so Ella and Alma really WILL have a Lalaloopsy bedroom!

I’m also hatching grand schemes for knit and crochet patterns for these dolls. I think we have just about every hairstyle now so creating hoodies and other headgear will be custom fit to YOUR doll! Nix on that for now- there will be something to show after I knock a few much needed projects off my list.

Lastly, the kids and I have fun projects and parties planned with our Lalaloopsy dolls. I’ll be happy to share our ideas and plan to provide plenty of eye candy!